Early Caliphate

Early Caliphate

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Authoritative and carefully researched history of Islam under the first four righteous Caliphs. Refutes the myth that Islam was spread by the sword. Wonderfully free of all sectarian influence. -- "Muhammad the Prophet, (2) The Early Caliphate, by Muhammad Ali, together constitute the most complete and satisfactory history of the early Muslims hitherto compiled in English" - Islamic Culture Hyderabad, India -- "Maulana Muhammad Ali's interesting narrative of the history of the Early Caliphate in Islam should show that real democracy and ideal theocracy are nothing but synonymous and interchangeable terms in actual practice...a most useful source of information to students of Islamic history and political ideals. The main object of author in this publication is to remove the prevailing misconception about the great and noble deeds of the most righteous calips." - The Hindu Madras

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