When Africa Awakes - Hubert Henry Harrison

When Africa Awakes - Hubert Henry Harrison

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Product Description

Hubert Henry Harrison's When Africa Awakes is an important collection of essays and articles written by one of America's great, but seldom noted intellectuals. The collection, originally published in 1920, provides valuable insight on the PanAfrican world of Harrison's time and sheds considerable light on the state of the contemporary African world. Harrison uses the term Africa to signify the unity of Black people throughout the world.

In his lifetime, Harrison (1883-1927) worked diligently toward the unity and enlightenment of his community. A labor leader, editor, teacher, and author, Harrison is at once the contemporary social critic and wise prophet speaking to us across generations. In the article "The New Politics," Harrison, who was an advocate for revolutionary change, calls for a political agenda with an independent Black political thrust. He provides a clear and early call for Blacks to work in their own political interest.

With the republication of When Africa Awakes, the strong, clear voice of Hubert Henry Harrison call to us again, raising important issues that continue to be pertinent today.

Introduction by John Henrik Clarke. 1920,1997. 152 pp. Paperback.

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