America the Racist?

America the Racist?

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A Must Read by author H J Harris for white and black Americans. This 172 page Ebook sets forth a concise, easy to read, historical, spiritual, and psychological treatment of Racism in America - its causes, evolution, and possibilities for the future. This book gives a foundation for understanding the current political backlash, including the harsh disrespectful rhetoric expressed openly to President Barack Obama. "America the Racist" explores and offers answers to many important questions about Racism in America such as; Why the issue of slavery was so important that over six-hundred thousand (600,000) Americans died in the Civil War and Why the power of television is the single most important tool in showing the truth of America racism to the world. This book not only explains how sex and economics have been at the core of American Racism, discrimination, and injustice, it also describes how the white slave master captured, broke the spirit, and institutionalized black slaves, including the vicious, vulgar process employed in the Making of a Slave, and how the Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon applies to slavery and the condition/behavior of black Americans. Once we understand why we are where we are as a nation, then we are better equipped to determine what we must do to become the “one Nation under God” described in Dr. King’s dream and the Pledge of Allegiance

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