Lifting The Gnostic Veil

Lifting The Gnostic Veil

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Our world is not what it seems to be. The religious systems of the Ancients followed a two-tier pattern that ran in parallel; each tier or level of interpretation designed to mesh with and nurture the aspirations of the adherents in accordance with their diverse inclinations, desires and hopes. One tier, the exoteric, accepted religious doctrine literally, and the other path, the esoteric , looked upon religious doctrine as essentially symbolism. For those who sought comforting spiritual explanations for their existence beyond the mundane, and craved solace for their natural fears of death, there was the exoteric level of religion, garnished with utopian fantasies and exalted promises of rewards and life stretching far into boundless eternity a heaven or paradise reserved for those religious devotees that were pure in heart and unquestioning in their faith. On the other hand, for those of more inquiring and skeptical minds, motivated more by a desire to overcome their doubts, and to verify the dictates of their creeds rationally - and additionally, exhorted by a passion to find the hidden truth, there was the avenue of Esotericism or The Mysteries as called by some. In reality, a matrix of answers that inevitably led to more questions, and quizzical solutions that engendered new puzzles; but nevertheless an intriguing system that gave sustenance and challenge to those individuals whose rational minds thirsted and craved for logic . So we have the exoteric path that tends to test and lead us by faith , and the esoteric path that tends to test and lead us by intellect or science , although the science is veiled under layers or degrees of mystical symbolism . Whether we follow the path of faith or science, we all, one would think, are desirous of the truth - but this is not so! There are many that would rather avoid the truth because of the emotional burdens or pain associated with it. There are people who will never, ever submit to a truth that runs contrary to their traditional religious beliefs no matter how many thousands of facts are presented in support of the verifiable truth. This is due, in great part, to the social programming that I have alluded to in Chapter One of the book. Another problem is fear, fear of loosing social direction or affiliation - because if one admits or acknowledges that his or her life s cherished traditions are based on lies and/or misconceptions , hence an illusion where does one go from that point forward where then lies the meaning and purpose of life? Actually their fears, though understandable, are in fact unwarranted; because in most cases if one has the courage to abandon his or her illusions, one discovers that the illusion was, in fact, a blackened veil, a cloak of darkness that effectively obscured the bright and healing rays of intellectual enlightenment, which when attained, inevitably leads to emotional and spiritual comfort. Be that as it may, historically, the majority, the masses have always favored illusion over truth just as people generally favor flattery over criticism. Most people prefer being emotional comfortable, even if that comfort is bought by turning a blind eye to some uncomfortable realities.

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