De-stressing 101: Tools for Living a Stress-Free Life

De-stressing 101: Tools for Living a Stress-Free Life

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Reading De-stressing 101 is taking an important step in empowering yourself by becoming proficient at de-stressing. De-stressing 101 shows you how and why it is possible for you to control stress, and provides you with effective tools to de-stress. You will learn how to prevent a stress attack, how to interrupt and stop a stress attack, and how to recuperate from a stress attack in a healthy and effective way. Practicing the de-stressing techniques presented in this book could even save your life, because stress is associated with many illnesses, including heart disease, stroke and cancer, the top three killers in the West. Medical studies show that stressful episodes that occur at a young age may impact our health as adults, increasing the risk for conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease. Therefore, the de-stressing tools shared in this book will be of benefit to adults, as well as young people who more and more are also facing challenges that they are not emotionally equipped to handle. Applying the tools for de-stressing presented in this book will allow you to have a better quality of life. You will feel more relaxed, cheerful, healthier, and therefore happier.

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