Egyptian Book of the Dead Hieroglyph Translations Volume 6 Featuring The Osirian Resurrection

Egyptian Book of the Dead Hieroglyph Translations Volume 6 Featuring The Osirian Resurrection

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The aim of this book has been to render, for the first time in one volume, the translated main hieroglyphic texts, associated with the Ancient Egyptian Osirian Resurrection, in the chronological order of the events of the myth and to present a translation that is grounded in the ancient texts, showing where the translated descriptions, wisdom and feelings expressed are coming from in the texts. Myth is a language of the soul by which the Ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) sages created a pathway for a human being to understand the nature of Creation, the powers (Neteru {gods and goddesses}) operating in it, and the manner in which to live a life that leads to happiness, fulfilment and spiritual enlightenment. The text of “Stele of Amenmose” contains references to the main scenes of the myth of the Asarian Resurrection, from the beginning of the myth to the end, but does not go into details related to some of those scenes. So, the text of “Stele of Amenmose” has been used as the foundational text, the trunk, as it were, of a tree. It begins the myth and describes the events of the myth, and as the tree (mythic rendition) grows, the branches extend the scenes not fully covered in the Amenmose scripture. So the contributing texts form expansions of the story which is taken up by another related scripture that goes into those details of hat section. Then, when that branch reaches a conclusion, we will return to the trunk of the tree again, the Stele of Amenmose, to again grow the tree, the mythic journey, until we reach another branch and so on to the end of the myth. As the text is presented, the characters in the myth, which represent aspects of the Divine as well as expressions of the human heart and soul, will be introduced. Then, as the saga unfolds, the reader will be able to identify with the characters and experience their passions, sorrows, victories and spiritual exaltations leading to the final victory of exhilaration and contentment over despondency, depression and frustration, and wisdom over delusion, and eternal mystic life over physical death.

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