Ancient Egyptian Buddha: African Origins of Buddhism

Ancient Egyptian Buddha: African Origins of Buddhism

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This book is a compilation of several sections of a larger work, a book by the name of African Origins of Civilization, Religion, Yoga Mysticism and Ethics Philosophy. It also contains some new previously unpublished additional evidences not contained in the larger work that demonstrate the correlation between Ancient Egyptian Religion and Buddhism. This present volume, The Ancient Egyptian Buddha: The Ancient Egyptian Origins of Buddhism, presents historical contacts, philosophical and religious correlations between Ancient Egyptian Religion and Buddhism. It was felt that this subject needed to be discussed because even in the early 21st century, the idea persists that Buddhism originated only in India independently. Yet there is ample evidence from ancient writings and perhaps more importantly, iconographical evidences from the Ancient Egyptians and early Buddhists themselves that prove otherwise. This volume also presents new philosophical insights gained from the newly discovered correlations that enhance Buddhist thought and philosophy. This handy volume has been designed to be accessible to young adults and all others who would like to have an easy reference with documentation on this important subject. This is an important subject because the frame of reference with which we look at a culture depends strongly on our conceptions about its origins. This volume allows us to acknowledge the Ancient Egyptian contribution to Buddhism and ascribe Africa with a glorious legacy that matches any other culture in human history and gave rise to one of the present day most important world religious philosophies. We would also look at the culture and philosophies of the Ancient Egyptians as having African insights that offer us greater depth into the Buddhist philosophies. We also be able to discover the glorious and wondrous teaching of mystical philosophy that Ancient Egyptian Shetaut Neter religion offers, that is as powerful as any other mystic system of spiritual philosophy in the world today.

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