A Dictionary of Freemasonry Paperback

A Dictionary of Freemasonry Paperback

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Discover the remarkable history of the most widely known secretive fraternal organization in A Dictionary of Freemasonry. This comprehensive and convenient one-volume text includes a thorough encyclopedia, full dictionary of symbols, and over 300 beautiful nineteenth-century engravings.

The 600-year-old brotherhood of Freemasons is based on a tradition over 3,000 years old. Robert Macoy, a member of the order, uses the resources of the Fraternity available to him, to discern the truth from a myriad of half-truths, rumors, superstitions, and interpretations. He presents the rise and evolution of Freemasonry and its kindred association both ancient and modern.

The "General History of Freemasonry," which begins this volume, is a fascinating introduction to a very complicated subject often fraught with vagaries. The two A-to-Z reference works that follow (one an encyclopedia with listings of terms, people, places, and events that make up the extensive history of the Freemasons, and the other a dictionary of symbols) contribute to making this a very complete sourcebook on Freemasonry.

From Aaron, the Abelites, and the All-Seeing Eye to the Year of Masonry, Zenith, and the Rite of Zinnendorf, this is a remarkably accessible book on a subject that runs through the course of human history.

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